Effect of Androgenic Anabolic Steroide Dianabol In Liver and Kidney of Male Albino Rats

Ahmed Obaid Hossain, Ameer Jawad Hadi, Anfal Ali Shakir


Dianabol are being abused normally, Sportspersons, coaches, and doctors should be aware of their risky side effects.  Athletes used for rise performance, lean muscle bulk, muscular strength and Increases aggressiveness and sureness in addition the Adverse effects of AAS on many organs such as liver and kidney which are study now  . In this research The rats were divide in to three groups ,( 4 replicates for each) . The first group control was orally received normal saline for such period . while the second group (t2) and third (t3) treated groups orally received oraly dianabol suspension at concentrations 30 and 50 mg/kg/day for 8 weeks respectively.

   Serious alterations of different organ systems have been attributed to long-term use of these drugs show the effect  Liver tissue treated with this drug  show moderate congestion , moderate sinusoidal dilatation and  moderate periportal lymphocytic cell infiltration while (group2) show moderate congestion  and mild periportal lymphocytic cells infiltration  in addition to  mild necrosis .that means increase the dose of this drug show more harmful effect on the liver. and

 moderate tubular swelling. moderate glomerular atrophy and mild bowman’s capsule thickening in the kidney tissue .

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