A Study of response to Burkholdaria cepacia

Alaa Fahim Abbas, Samah Ahmed Kadum


The current study was aimed to evaluate immune response induced by  Burkholdaria cepacia antigens to determine whether these antigens could be a useful immunogen for vaccine development against this bacteria. Four successive doses of OMP and killed antigen extracted from B. cepacia isolated from sputum of patients with lower respiratory tract infections were injected into rabbits using multisite injection protocol. We found that these antigens stimulate specific mucosal and systemic humoral immunoglobulin titers as well as to the significant increased (p≤ 0.05) in the total protein concentrations at serum and mucosal respiratory secretions in addition to the significant increase in the concentrations of IgG, IgA, IgM at rabbits sera. INF-γ concentrations were significant increased at serum and mucosal levels with stimulation of migration inhibition index of leukocytes. These immunogen induced positive skin test tuberculin type delayed hypersensitivity. Thus B. cepacia antigens were B and T cells dependent type, and could be a useful immunogen for vaccine development.

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