A diagnostic study of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and immunocompromised polycyclics

وجدان رضا تاج الدين


One hundred fifteen specimens were collected from Al-Hilla teaching hospital , Babylon maternity and children hospital during a period from september 2010 toJune 2011. These specimens include 42 wound, 38 burn 17 urine  10 ear infections and 8 specimens from vagina swabs. It were found that only 45 isolates Pseudomonas aeuroginosaof were isolated All isolates were diagnosed using biochemical tests and Api20E system .18 isolates (40%)from wound infections,15 isolates(33.33%)from burns ,8 isolates (17.77%)from urine,3isolate (6.66%) from ear infections and one isolate from vagina(2.22%) .

 Pseudomonas aeuroginosa antigen was used in this study  lipopolysaccharied The immunization ( by these antigens in addition to using Complete Freunds, Adjuvant  ) of rabbits was done by using three rabbits (2-3) months for it.   After  the immunization period ( one month) humoral systemic immune response parameters  to test animals were studies and compared with control animals which immunized with normal saline .

The humoral immune response was studied by using direct , radialimmunodiffusion test (it was used to determine the immunoglobulins and  complement part concentration)   and total protein concentration test. The results were higher compared with control group immunoglobulin, complement and total protein concentrations. The concentration of IgM (304.3)gm/dl , IgG concentration was (1907.4) gm/dl and  IgA concentration (493.6) gm/dl were higher compared with IgM, IgGand IgA concentration of control group( 208.7, 1488.4,433.6). The concentration of C3 was (93.4) gm/dl , C4 concentration was (13.4) gm/dl and total protein concentration (15.3) gm/dl. All these results for animals immunized with LPS were significant at (P<0.05) compared with control animals. 



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