Alatherl effect of concentrations and temperatures on ripening apples Malus domestica Class ludai

Wafaa Ghazi Al-Qaysi


Four concentrations of Ethrel (2-chloroethyl phosphonic acid),(0,200,400,600 )were used for ripening  of Malus domestica cultivar  ludai at two temperatures ( 10,20) oc ,for three period (6,12,18) days . It was found that the concentration 400 ppm of Ethrel at temperature 10 oc for 12 days to reduce the percentage of weight loss ,fruit decay and TSS which improved the fruit marketing and consumption . This concentration also increased the TSS percentage, reduced the fruit acidity significantly to reach to acceptable flavor, and tested .the concentration 200ppm at temperature 20 oc for 6 days also gave  good results that was approximate to the recommended concentration.      

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