Restrictions on the owner's powers to investigate the social function of private property

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Based on the look of the legislature to the right of private property it counted that he is no longer an advantage for the owner, but really became a social function so Briefing legislator many restrictions that will make sure this sense, and ensure stand by at the borders of this post so as not to lead the broad powers granted by the right of private property to the owner to control and abuse .

These restrictions were numerous and varied, and expanded especially in recent epochs in which the spread of collective doctrines that abound from the restrictions that are set on the right of private property, which highlights the extent of the social function of this right.

In fact, there is nothing to prevent the intervention of the legislature to impose restrictions on the owner of the authorities to draw boundaries that the owner must be observed in it carries to right, these restrictions are general restrictions on the powers of the owner of that will determine the normal situation of a property right.

Scheduled public interest and restrictions are restrictions are set by law are borne owners rights investigation public utility, the state are driving rights guaranteed and form in its economic and social service based on the principle of social solidarity and paint a framework within which the will of the owner of the right to operate it.

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